Meeting of ARM in 25 November 2021

Feb 6, 2022

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the meeting was held online.

The agenda was as follows:

Part I.

1. National and PRE statistics for 2020

2. Overview of the PRE Congress (14-15.10.21):

  – Workshops: I. Circular Economy

                         II. Digitalization / Industry 4.0

                         III. Security

                         IV. Climate Policy and Trade

   – Key PRE activities as well as organizational and financial matters

        3. Information on the European Ceramic Days in Brussels:

                 -European Parliament Ceramic Forum

                 – General Assembly of the Ceramic Union – presentation “Ceramic Road to 2050”

        4. Organizational matters of the SPMO

        5. Situation in plants – individual presentations of members

Part II. The RefraPredict project “Predictability of the long-term refractoriness of high-alumina refractory concretes under conditions of high thermal load, with particular emphasis on recycled pollutants” – presentation of the status of works

        1. General scope of research and project participants – dr inż. J.Czechowski

        2. Presentation of the progress of research – dr hab. J. Podwórny