Kick off Meeting of the RefraPredict international

Jan 28, 2021

Kick off Meeting of the RefraPredict international project financed under the CORNET initiative and coordinated on Polish side by SPMO. The meeting was attended by teams carrying out research: from Germany FGF and Hochschule Koblenz, and from Poland Łukasiewicz-ICIMB, as well as industry representatives and coordinators from Germany i Poland.

After the introduction and characterization of the Project goal, individual teams presented the external scope of research:

  1. L.Ebar, K.Sarnow (HS Koblenz) – Development of model refraktory castables with systematically contaminated matrix Rusing prepared „precursors” and testing the „cold” properties of the model castables;
  2. E.Brochen – Development of innovative device enabling simultanous testing of the influence of the temperature gradient and mechanical load and testing the high-temperature properties of model castables;
  3. J.Podwórny (Ł-ICIMB) – Development of creep speed testing metod on the base the Norton-Bailey koncept and testing the microstructure and properties of model castables.

During disscusion, a lot of space was devoted to preparation of model castables.